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July Post Ideas for Photographers

July 7, 2020

July Post Ideas for PHotographers

If you’re just tuning in to this series, because you’re looking for July Post Ideas, look no further! I have an entire blog series dedicated to social media post ideas for photographers for the ENTIRE year!

Find the first 6 months of the year, here:

Trust = Business

Social media can be a very valuable tool for photographers! However, you and I both know that coming up with what to post can feel like a lot! But before we go there, I want to remind you that social media is not for selling! It is is a way for us to show up regularly for our audience and establish connecting points with them. Because, when it comes to marketing, connection = trust and trust = business.


One of my favorite ways to do this is to celebrate with my followers.

Whether it’s Dog Day, International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, or the old “talk like a pirate day”… count me in! Any excuse to celebrate with my audience and raise brand awareness. (Click HERE to learn more about Social Media for Photographers)

Do I celebrate these holidays in real life? Probably not! Except i’m definitely going to be celebrating, “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!” However, when we ignore all of these holidays, we are missing a valuable opportunity! We need to take advantage of trending topics and fun holiday content to establish potential connections with our audience. Yes! I am suggesting that someone might like you more just because you both like cookies and cream ice cream the best!

I created this list of fun ideas for social media posts for July! Now you have no excuses! Head over to Instagram or Facebook and get to planning!

July Post Ideas for Photographers


National Postal Workers Day (#NationalPostalWorkerDay)! Take this chance to do a random act of kindness for your postal worker and then talk about it on your page! Or, post about it earlier in the week and invite your audience to ALL do a random act of kindness for their postal workers!


Independence Day (United States)! Post a behind the scenes photo of you and your family and share your family traditions for this national holiday! No plans? No worries. Post a picture of some cute red, white, and blue popsicle, confetti or balloons with an inspiring quote from your favorite historical/political figure!


World Chocolate Day (#Worldchocolateday)! Today is our chance to celebrate something amazing… CHOCOLATE! Snag some chocolate donuts, bake a homemade chocolate cake, or get some delicious chocolate treats or pastries from your local bakery, post a picture and encourage your audience to celebrate this silly and fun holiday with you!


Give Something Away Day (#givesomethingawayday)! Celebrate the goodness of this holiday by doing just that, give your audience the chance to win something good from you! It could be something as small as a $10 giftcard if they like and share your page or something as big as a new car! 😉 Whatever it is, everybody likes free stuff and invite your audience to take part in this holiday and give something away too!


World Emoji Day (#WorldEmojiDay)! This one is going to be fun! For example, you could start by asking your audience to describe their year so far using only emojis. If you’re a wedding photographer ask them what emoji’s best describe their wedding planning process. If you’re a birth photographer, ask them what emoji’s describe their labor and delivery story! OOOORRRRRR just be minimalistic and ask people to drop what they think is the CUTEST/SILLIEST or their most used emoji in the comments!


Get to Know your Customers Day (#GetToKnowYourCustomersDay)! Take this chance and ask your audience something that will help you get to know them!

  • Do a poll on whether they are morning people or night people!
  • Ask them what their answer was whenever their elementary teachers would ask them to state a fun fact about them.
  • Post a bunch of would you rather questions and have them drop their answers in the comments!


International Day of Friendship (#DayofFriendship)! Take this chance to shoutout some of your own best friends on your biz page and what they mean to you!

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