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Instagram Posts for Photographers: February

February 3, 2020

Looking for post ideas? Look no further! In this blog post you’ll find Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers for February (and every other month for that matter)!

When it comes to Instagram for photographers, there are so many puzzle pieces to consider when it comes to using this platform to grow your business. But one of the most important things is showing up regularly to serve your audience and establish connecting points with them that lead to trust and ultimately BUSINESS.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to celebrate with my followers. And not just with regular wins in my business… but with ALL things.

Whether it’s Dog Day, International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, or the old “talk like a pirate day”… I love leveraging the right obscure holidays in order to raise brand awareness. (Click HERE to learn more about Instagram for Photographers)

Do I celebrate these holidays in real life? Probably not (except Ice Cream for Breakfast Day of Course)! But the truth is, when we ignore all of these holidays, we are missing a valuable opportunity to take advantage of trending topics, fun holiday content, and establishing potential connections with our audience (yes, that’s right… I am suggesting that someone might like you more just because you both like cookies and cream ice cream the best).

So I created this list, just for photographers, so you can put them in your calendar and get to planning!

What to post on Instagram in February for Photographers | Marketing for Photographers with Ariel Dilworth

Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers: February

  • 2nd- Groundhog Day (#GroundhogDay)! Talk about whether or not the groundhog saw it’s shadow and whether or not you are up for 6 more weeks of winter! Ask them for their opinion too!
  • 5th- National Weatherperson’s Day (#nationalweatherpersonsday)! Give a public shoutout to all the weatherperson’s out there who make our job possible (rainy wedding day anyone?). Make sure you tag your favorite local weatherperson for a chance to be featured on their page and FREE PUBLICITY!
  • 9th- National Pizza Day (#nationalpizzaday)! Pizza is my FAVORITE food of ALL TIME! And I mean… who doesn’t like pizza? Ask your audience their favorite flavor and tell them yours!
  • 14th- Valentines Day (#valentinesday)! Muster up some words that are sweeter than life for the ones you love!
  • 17th- Random Acts of Kindness Day (#randomactsofkidnessday)! Get on and tell a story about how someone’s random act of kindness helped you! Or you can do a random act of kindness, share it with them, and challenge them to keep it going and tag you in their social media share!
  • 20th- Love your Pet Day (#loveyourpetday)! Who doesn’t love those snuggly little fur balls! Take a pic with your beloved pet and share it with your audience and ask them the name of their pet!

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