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What to Post on Social Media in June!

May 24, 2020

If you’re just tuning in to this series, because you’re looking for what to post on social media in June (or any other month of the year), look no further! I have an entire blog series dedicated to social media post ideas for photographers for the ENTIRE year!

Find the first 6 months of the year, here:

When it comes to photographers and what they SHOULD be posting on social media, there are so many puzzle pieces to consider! But one of the most important things is to remember that social media is meant to allow us to show up regularly to serve our audience and establish connecting points with them. Because that’s what will lead to trust and ultimately BUSINESS.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to celebrate with my followers. And not just with regular wins in my business… but with ALL things.

Whether it’s Dog Day, International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, or the old “talk like a pirate day”… I love leveraging the right obscure holidays in order to raise brand awareness. (Click HERE to learn more about Social Media for Photographers)

Do I celebrate these holidays in real life? Probably not (except Ice Cream for Breakfast Day of Course)! But the truth is, when we ignore all of these holidays, we are missing a valuable opportunity to take advantage of trending topics, fun holiday content, and establishing potential connections with our audience (yes, that’s right… I am suggesting that someone might like you more just because you both like cookies and cream ice cream the best).

So, I created this list of fun ideas for social media posts for June! So head over to Instagram or Facebook and get to planning!

What to Post on Social Media in June for Photographers
  • June 1- Global Day of Parents (#GlobalDayofParents)! If you do family portraits, do not miss this opportunity to raise a glass to all the parents out there! Feel free to shoutout a kind word to the parents you’ve photographed or give your audience a behind-the-scenes look into you and your own parents relationship! Bonus Points if you include an old photo!
  • June 4- National Donut Day (#NationalDonutDay)! This is a personal favorite of mine. Grab a dozen donuts ahead of time and snap a fun flatlay of them, you looking through two donut holes, or you eating a scrumptious bite of one! Make sure to shop local and tag them in this post and encourage your followers to go snag some of their delicious donuts!
  • June 7- World Oceans Day (#WorldOceansDay)! If you live on a beach, recently vacationed to a beach, or have taken gorgeous pictures of someone on a beach… First of all, I hate you! Just kidding! Just slightly jealous! 😉 Secondly, do not miss this opportunity to showcase some gorgeous beach pictures with that ocean in the background! Tell your audience how you learned to see and celebrate the beauty that is all around you and teach them to do the same!
  • June 7- Best Friends Day (#BestFriendsDay)! Okay… so maybe you live far away from a beach like me! Wellllllll at least you have friends! 🙂 Today is the chance to highlight your best friend, tell a fun story about the two of you that really showcases your personality, throw in some positive words about friendship and ask your audience who to drop a photo of them and their bestie or tag them below to tell them how much they care!
  • June 20- First Day of Summer! It’s time to bust out the flamingo floaties, sunhats, and sunglasses my friends and share with your audience the top 5 things you love about summer or ask them what theirs are! Or, you can give them your top 5 tips for surviving summer photo sessions or the top 3 reasons why summer sessions are the best!
  • June 21- National Selfie Day (#NationalSelfieDay)! Take this chance to post a selfie of yourself with an introduction or something you’ve been thinking through lately! The last time I posted on this holiday I posted a selfie where I thought I looked fat and I talked to my audience about body image because that is SUPER on brand for me! Put your own twist on this holiday and have fun!
  • June 21- World Music Day (#WorldMusicDay)! If selfies are not your thing, don’t worry! This day in June is also a day of music! Write a blog post about your favorite playlist to get you pumped for a photo session or what you listened on your wedding day during your getting ready pictures and how it influenced your photos! Or share your playlist from your entire wedding and why you chose the songs you did! 🙂
  • June 21- Fathers Day (#FathersDay)! Okay, I know… there is just too many too chose from. Apparently June 21st is just the best day ever… But either way, don’t forget to acknowledge all the Dad’s out there including your own! People will love that behind the scenes look at your relationship with your father, even if it wasn’t peachy, talk about how much you respect the dads you do see/photograph and how that will influence the way you parent!
  • June 26- Take your Dog to Work Day (#takeyourdogtoworkday)! Have a fuzzy friend that you’re pretty fond of? Odds are, your followers will be too! Post your favorite picture of your precious pooch and ask your followers to drop a photo of their own below! On instagram you can ask them to share a photo of their pooch in their stories and tag you so you can share it as well!
  • June 27- National Sunglasses Day (#NationalSunglassesDay)! Fun Fact, I legit have sunglasses on my head from the moment I get ready until I crawl into bed. It’s kinda my signature thing! Sooooooo the fact that they need an entire day to celebrate sunglasses I totally get! If you’re like me, share your favorite pair of sunglasses and wear you got them from!
  • June 30- Social Media Day (#SMDay)! Social media catches a lot of flack for drama and perfection. And while it does have it’s flaws, social media has done a lot to bring the world together and it’s time to celebrate that with your followers!
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