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Content Creation for Photographers: How to create content that converts

October 10, 2019

When it comes to your photo biz… content creation is more important than ever! Every piece of content we put out there for our clients to see should attract our ideal clients, engage them, and eventually turn them into customers. Writing it should NOT make us want to curl up in the corner with a pint of ice cream and end up posting nothing. 

So today I am sharing my 4 steps to create content that converts! 

how to create content that gets you clients | Marketing for Photographers with Ariel Dilworth

Step 1: Goals

The first step in content creation is to create a goal! What is it that you want this piece of content to do? Do you want it to tell potential clients what your photos look like from an entire session, do you want it to educate current clients, do you want to build trust between you and the reader? Once you determine that, you should have a lot of clarity when it comes to writing that content.

Step 2: Ideal Client

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again, before you EVER publish content you need to know who you’re talking to first! If you need more help on that, download my free ideal client guide!

But even more than that, consider what part of the client journey they are on… is this the first time they are hearing of you (cold client)? Have they heard of you before and engaged with your content but never purchased (warm client)? Do they know and love you and are ready to purchase (hot client)? All of this will help guide your writing process.

Step 3: Method

When writing your content make sure you are tailoring it to the tool in which you are using to promote that content. Are you writing an email? Really focus on that subject line! Are you writing a blog? Make sure you spend as much time writing a captivating introduction as you do on the body! Are you writing on instagram? Make sure you’re using appropriate hashtags to get discovered by potential clients, NOT other photographers. 😉 Are you writing on Facebook? Ensure that those first few words before the line breaks are ATTENTION-GRABBING so that it will stop people from scrolling!

Step 4: Topic Creation

When it comes to topics, its important to do some research! Really focus on your ideal client alone! Don’t write content for people other than them! To really come up with topics that our clients are interested in take a look at their frequently asked questions and write entire content about those.

For more information on topic idea’s CLICK HERE to check out my Ultimate Blog Guide for photographers where I reveal the exact 10 recipes I use to create blog topics that my clients actually want to read!

Step 5: Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

In my upcoming course, More than Marketing, I teach this concept in depth! Just because you posted something one time doesn’t mean you can’t ever post it again! In fact, only 6% of our social media followers see our posts. Take each piece of content you write and repurpose it for all the platforms you utilize to market your biz (blog posts, instagram posts, facebook posts, etc.). My blog posts are typically my longest piece of content, so that’s where I start. Then I take pieces of that content and use them for social media posts and emails and stories and etc.

Content creation is an important process that when done right, has BIG payoffs! Once you have this content creation process down, you’ll notice that you have content that doesn’t just intrigue your audience but grows your business!

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