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Storage Solutions for Photographer’s that Save Time and Money

April 16, 2020

Backuping up photos… it’s a necessary evil that photographers everywhere deal with! And it’s not just backing up photos after each session, I’m talking about what we do with our entire portfolio at the end of the year. That cloud storage that we keep having to upgrade that is costing us MORE and MORE money. The hard drives upon hard drives upon hard drives that we have stacked up. It’s no secret that storage solutions for photographers is a NEEDED THING!

So now, I’m going to share with you one of my FAVORITE storage solutions for photographers that will save you time, money, and SPACE (both real & virtual).

SpaceSaver for Photographers

The SpaceSaver software was created by a the same company as my FAVORITE blogging tool (BlogStomp, check it out here). SpaceSaver reduces the file size of high-resolution jpeg files while still maintaining image quality of the photos. This means that you’ll have shorter upload times, faster page loads, AND more free space on your hard drives and cloud storage systems!!! But… you’ll still be able to have optimal images for print or online at your fingertips!

I totally get that leaving our “backing up” abilities to a software can feel scary! What if it doesn’t work? Well, one of my favorite things about SpaceSaver software is that it provides a session log giving you a full report of any important and export issues.

How SpaceSaver Software Works

JpegMini vs. SpaceSaver

Now, SpaceSaver software isn’t the ONLY software promising to provide the storage solution problem for photographers! And one of it’s most popular competitors is Jpegmini. So, I’m going to break down a little comparison for you!

Jpegmini costs $89 and compresses images to reduce file size by up to 80% without sacrificing image quality. Many tests have shown that it does an excellent job.

SpaceSaver costs $49 and isn’t as well known as JPEGmini, but as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t mean anything! I mean just because a photographer is “well-known” doesn’t mean they are actually BETTER than their competition, right?

Anyway, Spacesaver has a similar interface to JPEGmini where you drag and drop the photos. It is extremely customizable meaning that you can change things like:

  • export sizes
  • export folders
  • and if you want the original file size to be overwritten during compression

Again, SpaceSaver showed no noticeable loss of quality in the images.

So, the main difference is this, SpaceSaver is the most efficient storage solution for photographers at the best price! Not to mention that most of the time when it is reducing my image sizes, it actually saved me MORE space than JPEGmini did. The amazing people over at SpaceSaver have agreed to give my audience 10% off their software using the code: “ARIELDILWORTHCO” at checkout!

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