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How to Save Yourself Hours of Time when Blogging for your Photography Business

April 16, 2020

You probably already know by now that blogging for your photography business is SUPER important! And hopefully, you’re using it as a KEY method in your marketing!

But I have a confession…I use to HHAAATTEEEEE blogging!

Why? Because it took for-freaking-ever!!! First you gotta come up with the blog topic, then, sift through the research, and finally, getting inspired enough to actually write the post! But that’s only half of it… then we have to format the images, design the post/cover images, seo optimize, and literally #allthethings!!!!

It’s like… “I’m sorry famous marketing person… I don’t care how important blogging is… I still hate it.” And that’s why we procrastinate with it!

But its time for your rubber to meet the blogging road my friend! On today’s blog I’m sharing with you one secret that saved me HOURS (but really… like LITERAL HOURS!) of time when it came to blogging for my photography business!

Wanna know what it is? Keep scrolling!


BlogStomp for Photographers

BlogStomp is a blogging software that allows you to drag and drop the files you wish to use to create photographers the EXACT SIZE YOU WANT! You can make collages of your photo sessions that make blogging them SO easy and you can even have time to SEO each image how you’re supposed to! You can batch process many photos for a gallery, social media, or other storage devices.

BlogStomp also lets you add a watermark to your final images either on the tabs or on the images themselves!

I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that BlogStomp cut my blogging time IN HALF.

My Favorite Features of BlogStomp

freestyle tab

I love to hang out in the “freestyle” tab where I can create collages of my photos. Then, I can modify them, crop them, and add text! I can even choose which layout I prefer.

settings tab

Here is where I can select image with based on my blog host preferences. I can select a border to go around my images and what color I want the border to be as well as how thick. You can even add your watermark to your images.

And listen up, no more renaming files later when trying to SEO your blog! Instead, rename them all with one easy click. Simply set up the customized file names and where you want them to go on your computer and IF you want any sharpening to be added to the final images (just in case Facebook, IG, or your blog affects the quality).

batch tab

This is my miracle tab! It will process ALL the photos that I but into Blogstomp individually to whatever size and settings I have set up in the settings tab! Which if you aren’t doing this to the images on your website, you need to ASAP! Google (and other search engines) don’t like it when websites have HUGE file sizes that slow down the web pages for viewers! So start formatting your images properly!

Plus, BlogStomp makes it easy! It saves SO MUCH FREAKING TIME when uploading a lot of photos into an online gallery for viewing! Which you can also do within Blogstomp by the way, but more on that in a bit!

media tab

The “media” tab allows you to “stomp” (a.k.a. put) all the photos onto a storage device like a USB for clients or even your own external hard drive , so that they all fit! This is extremely helpful since as photographers we deal with really huge files and ideally we want them to go on the same external storage device.

direct uploading

Within the BlogStomp software, you can directly post onto any of these blog sites: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, and Live Journal. All you have to do is set up your blog details and begin writing. Use the stomped photos that you have created, add categories, and publish them all from the same place! And then go binge-watch Netflix because all your work is done! Ta-da!

You can even use BlogStomp to post an image directly to Facebook and Twitter! And no worries, if you want to customize one of the photos to fit your facebook cover or instagram stories… BlogStomp’s got your back.

And then, it gets even better! You can upload DIRECTLY TO YOUR CLIENT GALLERY! Don’t worry… I’ll wait as you pick your jaw up off the floor. 🙂 No more saving and uploading, blah, blah, blah! Instead, just set up your gallery/proofing software and its uploaded in half the time!


Yep! This is one of my favorite features! Not only is this software reasonably priced at only $49 (which includes two installs on different computers) or $89 which includes 5 installs on different computers. It’s a one time fee and pays for itself after using it only once.

Plus, BlogStomp has agreed to give me audience of wonderful photographers 10% off using the code: ARIELDILWORTHCO at checkout!

Here’s a behind the scenes video of how BlogStomp works!


So, when it comes to blogging for your photography business, invest in BlogStomp. Like right now! It’s a one time fee and you have it forever AND it’s reasonably priced! Not only does this software save you hours of time by processing your photos for you and sending them to your blog, galleries, storage devices and social media all with the click of one button. But it also allows you to save these photos to your own hard drives and the cloud in a way that takes up less space which means more money in your wallet in the long run!


BlogStomp is just one of FOUR amazing softwares! AlbumStomp is a great software for designing albums and AlbumPrufr is proofing albums where your clients can preview and make changes! SpaceSaver

Last thing…

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The choice is yours!

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