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20 Blog Ideas for Photographers

December 12, 2019

As photographers we have to create a LOT of content. Content for Facebook and Instagram and our IG Stories and our Website and our Blog. Sometimes our brain feels like mush, we feel like we might if we have to blog about ANOTHER client session, and we aren’t really sure what to write! Well, allow me to help by gifting you 20 blog post ideas for photographers like you!

20 Blog Ideas for Photographers | Marketing for Photographers with Ariel Dilworth

First, let me say this, your blog post doesn’t have to be “different” or “unique” to gain clients. Remember, you are not trying to get MILLIONS of readers you are only trying to attract the RIGHT readers. So keep in mind your ideal client that you’re trying to reach and what they would be interested in!

#1- Vendor Features

When it comes to blog ideas for photographers, one of my very favorite ones to recommend is Vendor Features. I did a series one year call “spotlight features” where I blogged about my favorite local vendors. And this ISN’T just for wedding photographers! If you do newborn photography, blog about your favorite local children’s boutique that has timeless items that look great in photos! Feature a local makeup and hair artist that you recommend to clients to see before their session!

Most biz owners will agree to this if you tell them you will snap some pictures of their shop and they can have/use them on social media!

Not only will this type of blog post get shared by the person featured on ALL of their social media channels but it will also spread awareness about your brand AND get readers!

#2- Grumpy Guys

One of my most popular blog posts on my photography page is “Grumpy Guys: how to prep your man for a photo session.” Because let’s be real, grumpy guys are a thing for ANY type of photography so write a little article with any tips you have for the person who is making them get their photos done that will make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

#3- What to Wear

This is blog idea for photographers should be on every single one of our blogs! Because, whether its for an engagement session, family portrait session, senior session, or newborn session… people always wonder, “What should I wear?” Write a post about how to select color schemes for photos, what kind of clothes look best and even your top 5 places to buy them from!

If you have a style guide, don’t worry! Just include bits and pieces from it and still make your style guide for people who book more expansive.

#4- Non-Photo Related Struggle

Not all of your blogs need to do with the product/service you offer. In fact, most of my blogs don’t! Blogs are there to invite people to dive into a deeper relationship with us and our brand (more on this marketing method here). So feel free to highlight a struggle that both you and your ideal client have in common.

For example, burn out. This is something my ideal clients (working moms + working brides) deal with. I also have experienced burn out in my parenting AND in my photography business. So, I wrote about it this relatable struggle here: “3 Tips for Burnt-Out Moms.” For my brides, I’ve also written things like, “How to Pick Your Wedding Party!”

#5- Your Why

Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do they buy WHY you do it!” And he couldn’t be more right, it’s not just theory! It’s actual science! So blog about your why and give it a unique, creative, clickable title that people will want to read. Think along the lines of, “Why I should be your next photographer.”

#6- Your favorite tradition

Whether it’s a Christmas Tradition, Thanksgiving tradition, Birthday tradition or some other holiday, people will love getting a sneak peek behind the scenes into your real life and some of the cool things you do at different times of the year!

#7- Watch you Edit

This is one blog idea for photographer’s that should be relatively easy! Haha! You can screen shot different things as you do it, or write about your process and include a video tutorial using the free app Loom, but either way… watching you edit won’t just elevate your value in their eyes but it is also just plain fun!

#8- Gift Ideas

Whether it’s Christmas Gift Ideas, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Father’s Day Gift Ideas or anything else. People LOVE when someone takes the hard work out of something and by you narrowing down the search of what will make a good gift… that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Feel free to give it a theme like, “Clutter Free Christmas Gifts,” or “The Best Last Minute Gifts for Mothers Day that Don’t Seem Last Minute” or “The 10 Things Your Wedding Registry is Missing.”

#9- Your Life

If you want to have raving fans and not just clients… you have to connect with them on a personal level. On something that goes deeper than just photos! That means that when you blog about something personal, you are inviting them to do just that. Whether it’s a recent event, a struggle you are currently going through, a behind the scenes at your real life, or something else entirely. LET THEM IN, be vulnerable. I promise you it will be worth it.

Need an example? Check out mine, “To my Husband on the Day He Graduates!” or “The Time my Daughter was Right!

#10- Cell Phone Tutorials

Everyone take pictures… and if you’re the one who gets to teach them how to take them well… that’s going to make YOU look like the expert! Which is exactly what we want when it comes to booking the right clients at the right price. These tutorials can be general (“How to Remove Objects from Cell Phone Photos”) OR even better, you can make them specific to your ideal client like this: “How to Take the Best Ring Selfie.”

#11- Cameras

If you’re a photographer I’m betting you get the same message every year, “I’m thinking about buying a camera… which one do you recommend?” So, why don’t you write a blog about it! Share your knowledge with the world. You are the camera expert in their eyes and that’s a good thing! Need some inspiration, check out my post here: “The Best Camera for Every Age and Stage.”

#12- Guest Post/Interview

This is the best kind of blog post because YOU DON’T HAVE TO WRITE IT! The content is given to you! Interview someone who your people want to hear from and it doesn’t always have to be something obvious. For example, I might interview a local bridal boutique owner on what actually makes a wedding dress timeless or I might interview a local pediatrician on how to keep sickness from spreading to siblings (that’s a blog post EVERY mom would read!)

#13- Things to Do/Bucket List

Want to know one of my most popular blog posts of all time?

Well, I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and most of my clients travel about 40 min-2 hrs. to have me do their photos. So I wrote this guide to the town: “20 Fun Things to Do in Lincoln” so they can make a day trip of it! But no matter what your circumstance is… people are always looking for fun places to experience! So maybe do “the best kept secrets when it comes to Chicago Experiences” or “20 Things to Do with your Kids this Fall.”

Make sure you include links to any of the businesses, locations, restaurants you feature so that they can share it as well! Plus, it’ll help your SEO! DOUBLE WIN! Tailor this guide to your ideal client, if you do families, make sure everything is child-friendly. If you do couples, maybe plan out 6 different dates that they could do after their engagement session.

#14- FAQ

Oh questions! These seem to flow endlessly from the mouths of those we serve! So why not write a blog post about them! They will appreciate it and so will you because it’ll save you LOTS of time writing responses later! 🙂

#15- DIY

While we’re on the three-letter theme… do a DIY Tutorial! Do it on something your ideal client will be interested in like “How to Set a Wedding Budget” or “How to make a pick your wedding colors” or “How to NOT Yell at Your Kids.” 🙂 Anything that THEY will find interesting!

Remember, it doesn’t HAVE to do with photography. All purchase decisions are emotional decisions so we want to make sure people are connecting with us as a person.

#16- Something Funny

Whether it’s your most embarrassing story or something satirical like, “A letter to the Love of my Life: Coffee.”

#17- Failure

Ya’ know what all human beings have in common? We all fail. Every single one of us. So when you decide to get REAL with your audience and put one or more of your failures out there for them to see and what you learned from it, they appreciate that. Too scared… here’s mine.

#18- A Win

Along the lines as the last one, blog about a recent win. Whether it’s professionally, or personally, people want to celebrate with you! That’s part of relationships and ultimately, that’s what you want if you want loyal clients and raving fans.

#19- Your Story

What is your origin story of how you became a photographer. Tell it to them. But don’t focus on dates, events, and factual information. Focus on the emotions behind the facts because again, people are emotional purchases and that’s ultimately what we want them to do.

#20- Recipes

Soooo whether you’re sharing your favorite Christmas Family Recipe or just something you’ve found on pinterest you love… Food is something we all have in common. Every single adult is responsible for making MANY meals a year. So, write about it but again, give it a twist for your ideal client. For brides and grooms something like, “The Best Healthy Dinner Ideas for 2” or for new moms, “10 Dinner Ideas that take 20 minutes or less.”


Just like that you have 20+ blog ideas for photographers to start writing about. Still feeling stuck? No worries, we’ve all been there! Feel free to read my favorite ways to get those creative juices flowing again when I feel stuck!

Or check out my Ultimate Blog Guide where I give you a year of blog posts, my 10 recipes for generating new topics, how to blog to get clients, how to SEO your blog so you can end up on Google’s First Page, the 5 things you must do before hitting publish, and SO MUCH MORE!

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