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Do you hate wasting time staring at a blank computer screen trying to find the right words to say? Do you wish you could actually save hours every week and give them back to your business and family? You’re not alone! Photographers have been asking me for years to share the system I use to write blog posts so effortlessly that are actually enjoyed by my clients so they can have a quick and efficient way to grow their biz! 

When I first started my biz, I lost hours of time writing ONE blog post! I lost so much precious time I could've been dedicating elsewhere and I knew something had to change. I've spent years perfecting this blogging formula so that my blog will be quick to write, enjoyable to read, and ultimately GET ME CLIENTS! 

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blinking cursor syndrome

Always know what to say

this guide includes:

The 4 reasons photographers need to blog 

what platform is best when it comes to blogging!

the one thing you need to do to your blog posts but aren't! 

an entire year of blog post topics! 

How to SEO so you end up on the first page of google!

The exact 10 recipes I use to generate new blog content topics! 

How to write a captivating introduction and a STELLAR title. 

The 5 things you MUST do before hitting publish 

how to write blogs your audience wants to read!

The 5 types of blogs every photographer should write on a regular basis! 

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