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6 Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement TODAY!

February 26, 2020

6 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement | Marketing for Photographers with Ariel Dilworth

Last week I told you the Instagram algorithm is NOT out to get you! It’s actually here to help! The algorithms job is to show users things that are popular, relevant, and recent! And the main way that instagram determines these things is through engagement! So, keep scrolling to see just how to increase instagram engagement, make instagram like you, and reach more potential clients.

When you first post a picture, it’s shown to a small percentage of your audience. Instagram measures how quickly that photo is engaged with (commented on, shared, saved, and liked). Then Instagram compares the engagement your picture is getting to other posts you’ve shared at similar days and times. If your photo is attracting a lot of engagement, Instagram will show it to a higher percentage of your audience. Then, if it continues to get engagement, it’ll stay at the top of your audiences news feed and reach even more people! Yay!

So… now that you know engagement is important… how do you get more of it?

how to increase instagram engagement

Watch this video to see my top tips for increasing your instagram engagement so you can get your posts seen by the right people!

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