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Do you hate wasting time staring at a blank computer screen trying to find the right words to say? Do you wish you could actually save hours every week and give them back to your business and family? You’re not alone! Photographers have been asking me for years to share the system I use to plan and write ALL of my content from social media posts, to blog posts, to website copy.  Photographer's want to have their audience engage with their content and enjoy it so they can experience growth in their biz too! 

When I first started my business I knew I needed post. I heard all about consistency. But every single time I tried, I was left frustrated. I wasn't sure what to say or how often to say it! When I did finally accomplish "authentic marketing" it took to long. I lost so much precious time I could've been dedicating elsewhere and I knew something had to change. So I made a plan: Know, Write: Plan and Schedule. 

Using my 4-step framework I was able to write 2 weeks worth of content in only 2 hours during my daughters nap! Talk about a win! 

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Always know what to say

this guide includes:

Vision Planning- so you can decide where you want to be and how to get there

Where you should be posting and how often! 

The 6 types of content ALL businesses should be posting, including photographers! 

Fill in the blank daily planner so you can organize and write your content in the most effective way possible! 

Time & Productivity Audit- so you can identify where you're wasting the most time and take measures to fix it 

The exact 10 recipes I use to generate new topics for my content! 

Checklists for blog posts, social media posts, and emails 

My 4 Step Framework to Creating ALL of my Content 

Fill in the blank planner with an overview of the entire year, monthly goals, keywords, themes, and hashtag organizer! 

Content Map - so you can know the goal of each platform because SPOILER ALERT: they are all different! 

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