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Guest Post: Why Professional Photographers Are a Worthy Investment

January 1, 2021

Written by Katie Conroy!

Professional Photographers Worthy Investment

Many photography clients get cold feet when they start talking rates. It’s understandable. Professional photography is expensive. It’s easy to consider the DSLR you have back home or even (perish the thought) your cell phone camera. However, there’s a lot more to taking professional photos than just pointing and clicking. Photographers are expensive because taking great photos and editing them to a professional level is hard work. 

Ariel Dilworth is passionate about helping people understand the value of hiring a pro for your photography needs. Here’s a look at a few of the different types of photography you might consider investing in. And a look at why photography costs what it does.

Marketing Photography 

We’ll put it simply: if you want photography that will sell a service or product, you need to hire a pro. Amateur photography will not only get ignored by potential clients or customers; it could actively turn them off. If you’re looking to outfit your website, advertisements, or other marketing materials with a great photo, you’ll have to spend to get it. 

The same principle applies to real estate photography. Real estate listings need, if anything, better photography than many other forms of marketing, especially right now. With COVID-19 cases spiking, homebuyers are relying more and more on photos and virtual tours when picking a home. You need a photographer who can capture your home’s best features and convey them properly on screen. 

Personal Photography 

Of course, making a profit isn’t the only reason to invest in a photographer. Major events such as weddings, births, graduations, and more deserve to be captured as beautifully as possible. A professional photographer will go above and beyond to make sure there are plenty of posed and candid shots you can use to remember the day by. 

Yes, you’ll have friends and family taking pictures at these events too, but you shouldn’t rely on those photos for your memory books. After all, the average person doesn’t know how to capture someone’s good side, much less how to polish a photo in the editing process. When you invest in a photographer, you invest in memories you can look back on and feel great about. 

What Does a Pro Bring to the Table?

Now that we’ve talked about why you might need a photographer, let’s talk about why professionals are the right choice. We can’t possibly cover everything photographers bring to the table in this article. But, here are a few major things you won’t get from an amateur: 

  • Framing Skills: Many people are familiar with the rule of thirds – that is, placing your subject in a vertical and/or horizontal third of the photo – and how it’s a simple, effective way to frame a photo. It’s also the absolute tip of the iceberg when it comes to photography framing techniques. Professional photographers know the rest of the iceberg, too, and how to use it to make your photos shine. 
  • Lighting Manipulation: When you’re a professional photographer, you invest in a ton of equipment that empowers you to create good lighting out of any lighting condition. The average person with a camera can’t make up for direct overhead sunlight, but a pro can. This is especially useful for marketing photos, which are often taken inside and need a little light manipulation to truly pop. 
  • Editing Work: It’s easy to think you’re paying your photographer for the time they spend taking photos, but it’s far from the case. In reality, you’re paying for the hours and hours they spend afterward taking those raw images and turning them into photos you’ll love. Editing skills don’t just come down to using programs, but having the skill and artistic eye to take a photo from “good” to “great.”

This is truly the briefest glimpse of what makes professional photographers so special. If you’re not sure if a photographer is right for you, take a look through their portfolio. Do you love their results? Would you like those results for your project or special day? If so: they’re worth it. 

Are you a photographer looking to book more clients? Contact Ariel Dilworth for marketing help today!

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