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The Pricing Dead Zone for Photographers

May 12, 2021

If you are getting photography inquires and no bookings, you might have found yourself in the pricing dead zone. Believe it or not, it is possible to price yourself in a way that repels clients all clients. Your prices are unattainable for the budget conscious bride, and too low for a luxury client.

The problem is, we can’t even compare our packages or pricing to what our competitors are doing because what might be a pricing dead zone for you may not be a dead zone for them. If you are feeling a little hopeless and frustrated, take a deep breath! The best way to get out of a pricing dead zone is figure out how you got there in the first place.

Pricing Dead Zone Photography | Education for Photographers Ariel Dilworth

Features vs. Benefits

And the #1 reason photographers end up in the pricing dead zone is because they are showcasing features and not benefits. They are relying on the features and benefits of the package to “sell itself.” Hear me now friend, this will not work.

In my More than Marketing course, I teach my students this principle with this story:

When I first started drinking wine, I didn’t know the difference between moscato, rose, red, or white. The descriptions of their tastes meant absolutely nothing to me. So, when it came time to make my decision, what did I do? I went with the cheapest option. It’s the exact same thing with our clients.

More often than not photographers will “pitch” their sessions in a way that only talks about the features of their offer instead of the benefits.

A feature is something that your product has or is. Things like:

  • Hours includes
  • Number of photos they will receive
  • Session discount amount
  • Turnaround time
  • Outfit changes, etc.

The problem with this is, every photographer does this. Every photographer can offer a 30 minute session with 5 images at a cheaper price. It isn’t unique, nor does it allow you to stand out in a client’s mind. Instead, photographers should talk about the benefits. A benefit is the outcome or result that users will experience as result of hiring you.

Features are facts, benefits have emotions. People cannot connect to facts like they do emotions. To compete based on quality (not pricing), emphasize benefits. “Benefit talk” can be done in on social media, a blog, a brochure, during the consultation, or the first response email after inquiring.

Bonus Tip: Have client reviews that really highlight the benefits of working with you anywhere you display or discuss prices! If youare doing this and it’s not working, then you may need to adjust your prices.

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