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What to Include on your Pricing Brochure

April 9, 2021

Your pricing brochure for your photography business matters. You’ve worked for months (hopefully) establishing trust and building a relationship with these people and now is your chance to turn them from warm to hot, from interested, to ready to book! But what all should we include on our pricing brochure? How do we go about designing it?

pricing brochure for photographers | Ariel Dilworth Co.


Personally, I’m all about Honeybook. Honeybook is my client management system which is basically my personal assistant. She responds to emails, sends contracts, and books new clients without me ever having to lift a finger! Read more about Honeybook here. The reason I bring that up is because my pricing brochure is located on Honeybook. They have designs uploaded for you by professional graphic artists or you can create your own.


Sometimes people find you on google or social media and have no idea what you look like. Sometimes they trust a word of mouth referral and are ready to inquire without doing any further research. But that doesn’t change the fact that people connect with people. So make sure you show your face on your pricing brochure along with a small paragraph about what it is that makes you different.

This isn’t the introduction I use for my photography business, but, you get the idea!


Don’t assume your client has been following you on social media for a year. Don’t assume that they read every square inch of your website. Don’t assume that they have any prior knowledge of you and your photos at all. Make sure scattered throughout your brochure you have photographs that you have taken. And if possible, photographs that emphasize the type of session this particular brochure is for (ex: senior photos in senior brochure, etc.). For family sessions, I try to utilize photos from the same session if possible. My clients enjoy this because it they are getting a visual of the variety they themselves will receive.


I always tell my marketing students and the photographers that I coach in my Above the Water program that wherever they have prices listed, they need to have client reviews. You can read more about client reviews here, but just know that statistically, they are almost as effective as a word of mouth referral from a BFF.


If you don’t outline your booking process for your clients either in the response email or on your brochure, you will get a lot of back and forth emails which doesn’t create a good experience for you or your clients. So do yourself a favor and include a quick step by step process of how it all works with you. After all, every photographer is different.


Lastly, included what it is you want them to do next. In Honeybook, my clients can “shop” from my brochure by selecting whichever package or al la carte items they want included and then click “submit.” Honeybook then automatically generates a “proposal” for them based on what they clicked with an outline of the services they will receive, a payment plan (deposit and then final payment), as well as a contract waiting for their digital signature.

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