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Photographer Feature: Direction Photography by Kelly

February 24, 2020

Did you hear the news!?! On Instagram I’m going to be doing one photographer feature per week on my instagram! I will be highlighting different photographers from all over the world highlighting who they are, what they do and why they are amazing! Then, at the end, they get to ask me marketing questions and I answer them right there on the spot.

why i’m doing this

& why you should too…

I’m doing this for 3 reasons:

  • Encourage- Photography can feel lonely. And while community over competition is something we all strive for, that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult! So I’m striving to connect photographers with one another so they can support one another and reap the benefits that community has to offer.
  • Educate- I’m hoping that by answering your questions on marketing right there on the spot without charging a dime, you don’t just learn something that will assist you in growing your business but you will also see my heart for photographers and how much I want you to succeed.
  • Elevate- I want these videos to be “share-able” by you. Something that will show your ideal client that you care about your business, you care about them. Something that will highlight your unique strengths and abilities as a photographer! Something that will elevate their perception of you so that it becomes easier to say “yes!”

When you get featured, not only will you receive helpful marketing information and the recording of our time together, but you will receive a badge to paste on your own website to again, elevate your clients perception of you! Because when it comes to business, client perception is reality!

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FEATURE: Direction Photography by Kelly

Kelly with Direction Photography was the first photographer to reach out and be bold. Going live isn’t easy but going live with someone else is a LOT easier than going live alone!

Chatting with Kelly was such a joy! Her love for what she does and for people in general is impossible to miss. She really opened up and shared her story which is reason enough to watch! But also, her questions about social media marketing were ON POINT! So make sure you check out this Photography Feature!

Message me on Instagram if you are interested in being featured!

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