is full of challenges

The odds constantly seem stacked against us. We're often left feeling alone, overwhelmed, like we're drowning. Whether it's from too much business leading to burn-out or not enough business leading to self-doubt, too many photographers give up. Through my experience of being a full-time photographer for the last 7 years as well as coaching hundreds of other photographers in their own businesses, I've learned something....

most photographers don't fail because they don't know what they are doing. They fail because they are missing one of life's most basic resources...


but it doesn't have to be this way! 

You don't have to fall into a negative thought spiral every time someone "decided to go with someone else." 

A past client have their photos done by someone else? No big deal.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? We got you! 

Need a second set of eyes? Reassurance that you're doing it right? Bam. We're there! 

Want to learn how to do something better or more efficiently? That's what I'm here for. 

Need help balancing school, parenting, and a full time job? You're not alone. 

Want someone to help you stop procrastinating? To push past comfort and into growth? To help you get out of your own way?

Hi!! I'm ariel! 

I'm an Enneagram 7 who loves people (literally all people), places (literally all places) and things (namely... TikTok, chocolate and diet coke).

I have a Bachelor's in Christian ministry and am certified in social media marketing and content marketing. I'm a wife, mom to three little girls, and I've been a full-time photographer for 7 years.

I'm go with the flow but full of determination. I'm honest, a deep thinker, and love challenging others and making people laugh. If a conversation isn't one of those things, I don't want it. 

2 years ago I launched the education portion of my business with two online courses, multiple educational guides, and one-on-one coaching for photographers. In my More than Marketing course, students get group coaching for 6 months.

It didn't take long for me to discover that this was something I wanted to offer full-time. 









isn't what i do... it's who i am





annnndddd after seeing the awesome affects it had on my students...

I decided to create...

But if you are ready to grow as a person and as a business...

If you are looking for a chance to exponentially rise above the noise and catapult to the front of the line...

to stop sinking and swim

Above the Water is a Mastermind for Photographers. A group of likeminded individuals who aren't competitors but friends. Each group serves as a reprieve. A safe place for photographers to learn and expand their skill sets both personally and professionally. This exclusive network of photographers offer a rare opportunity to gain a competitive edge in a saturated marketplace that is constantly expanding. 

you know as well as I do...

Without understanding the overall mechanics of marketing a photography business in various types of environments. 

Without having the right tools to implement advanced sales strategies and tactics. 

Without a community to challenge you, encourage you and carry you...

most photographers will remain               while
suffering a                  and                      demise.




it's time to join!

what's included

A custom group chosen specifically for you based like-mindedness, common goals and someone who is not a direct competitor to you.  

A once per month group coaching call with Ariel via zoom lasting 90 minutes. 

24/7 access to a group chat with Ariel & your group members for any need you can imagine.

Connection that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Access to education and knowledge from dozens of photographers from around the world via and online portal. 


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right now when you enroll in one year of group coaching you'll receive...

the photographer's content calendar

My guide that contains my one of a kind content planning strategy: KNOW, WRITE, PLAN, SCHEDULE. We talk about how to plan content, the 10 recipes I use to come up with content, the 6 types of content every photographer should be posting, and a content map so you know how to market yourself on each platform! Not to mention checklists, a fill in the blank daily planner, and even a time and productivity audit! 

ultimate blog guide

If you're only blogging about client sessions you are missing out my friend! Blogging is still important and in this 50 page guide I tell you not just why but how to come up with things to talk about, which platform is best for blogging, the 5 types of blogs photographers should write on a regular basis, how to optimize each blog post so you start showing up on the first page of google, and even give you an entire year of blog post topics! 

hours of video content

Access to an online portal full of video content that you will find helpful on a variety of topics as related to photography, business and marketing. Some taught by me and some taught by your peers who I also coach in the Above the Water program. Listen to it while your editing, answering emails or driving to your next session! 

don't take it from me... 

here's what some of my students had to say

examples of real life conversations

how much is loneliness costing you?

a lot...

How much money are you losing because you are plagued by self-doubt

How many sessions could you handle if your anxiety didn't control you?

How many hours would you save if you didn't spiral every time you were ghosted or rejected?

How much bigger would your dreams be if you knew you couldn't fail? 

How much is an empty calendar costing you? 

How much money would you be making if actually knew how to use every platform to your advantage to book clients? 

How much is indecision and inefficiency costing you? 

How many times did you walk away knowing you didn't book something because you don't have a solid marketing and booking strategy? 

this isn't just another course... 

this is:














We talk about it all! 

how it works


Then I take the answers from your application and match you with like minded photographers that I feel will be a perfect fit to help motivate, relate and inspire each other month after month. 


Here's how Above the Water works. You fill out an application & I learn about your goals, dreams, passions and struggles. 

the call

From there it's all about accountability and goal setting baby! The sky is the limit for you, your life, your business, your passion projects and your impact on this industry and world.


Each member will have access to their group 24/7 via a group message on IG. This will be used for quick questions, maintaining connections and support between calls. Ariel will be supervising the group message and responding as needed. 

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