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Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

April 25, 2023

Not going to lie, I’m a little disgusted by writing this post. Even the creator of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, said she had become disgusted with the holiday because of its commercialization. And yet, here I am writing a post about Mother’s Day marketing ideas for photographers.

In my defense, I think these ideas might be less offensive to even Anna herself (hopefully) because they are less about selling and manipulating and more about connecting and building relationships in meaningful ways. In fact, that’s how I approach all of marketing. But, that’s another soap box for another day. Keep scrolling for your Mother’s Day marketing ideas.

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

Gift Certificates

At the very least, one mother’s day marketing idea is to post about your gift certificates. To make it less generic, make sure you include an inspirational post about why photos with mothers are important at any age.


Mother’s Day is an important gift-giving holiday, so what better way to attract customers than by offering a Mother’s Day discount or promotion. Perhaps it’s a mini session, discount on prints, or even a discount on a gift certificate that can be redeemed anytime this year.


Run a giveaway on Instagram or Facebook giveaway to help gain more followers and expand your reach. You can giveaway some of your own products or services, but I prefer to team up with local businesses and provide mom’s with a gift basket from a local spot, fudge from a local candy story, beautifully decorated sugar cookies from local bakers, wine from local winery, etc. When I do giveaways I usually ask contestants to:

  • Like my page (if it’s a collaboration I ask them to like the other companies page as well)
  • Share the Post
  • Tag a friend (in this case, another mom who deserves to be spoiled)

Personal Photo & Story Post or Email

As a way to avoid the generic “Happy Mother’s Day” post that every photographer will be posting, share a childhood photo and story between you and your own mother. It could be a personal reflection, experience, or memory you have. Bonus points if you ask your followers to share theirs as well. Social media marketing should always be a two-way street. Your followers want to feel heard and they’ll also appreciate your transparency.

Support a Non-Profit

For the month of May you can donate a portion of your proceeds to a nonprofit that will raise awareness, increase brand image ,and help customers feel good about their Mother’s Day purchases. Here’s a list of some awesome non-profits below:

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Reality is, people buy gifts for Mother’s Day and that’s not going to change. So, allow us to educate all the husbands, teenagers, and adult children out there by giving them a list of ideas that are unique, creative, and personal. Plus, things their mom’s actually want.

Remember, this shouldn’t just be your own products and services. Though gift certificates or photo albums should definitely make the list. Content marketing is all about providing value for your audience. Sometimes this is done purely altruistically.


If you choose to offer some sort of discount, make sure you include countdown posts or stories so that customers know when your offer expires.

Send a Care Package

If you have a small client base, consider sending a personal greeting card or gift to your mom clients. It can be something simple like a candle or a succulent, or you can compile an entire box personalized to them and branded to perfection. Simply letting your clients know you’re thinking of them can go a long way in establishing strong client relationships. My favorite gift giving company is BoxFox.

Buy them a Coffee

No one likes iced coffee more than mama’. Reach out to a local coffee joint and see if you can “buy” any mom’s coffee between 9-10 am that day. Giveaway a certain number of $5 coffee giftcards. Or, add a Gift Card Sticker to your stories.

Mother’s Day may not be the simple single-white-carantion-wearing day that Anna wanted it to be, but with there are ways our businesses can recognize the holiday in ways that prioritize values over sales.

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