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Marketing Tips for Introvert Photographers

April 21, 2020

If you’re an introvert and even the idea of marketing makes you cringe… listen up! While extroverts thrive the most when interacting with multiple people and do their best thinking around others, you don’t. And that’s okay! As introverts, we thrive in solitude and do our best thinking on our own. Because of this, we can shy away from marketing thinking that we will never be good at it! But, with these marketing tips for introvert photographers, you CAN successfully marketing your business and get clients without feeling drained!

As a matter of fact, being true to who you are will actually make you a BETTER marketer and as a result, have a more successful business! So, if you’re an introvert who is convinced that you will never be good at marketing your photography business, keep reading because it turns out you DON’T have to be an extrovert! You just have to have the right plan of action!

How to Not Hate Marketing as an Introvert | Marketing for Photographers with Ariel Dilworth

Marketing Mindset

First, you have to have the right mindset when it comes to marketing. Marketing isn’t a sledgehammer. It’s not screaming from the rooftop with laughter, passion and tear-jerking emotional stories. Marketing is a post-it note.

You don’t have to be screaming in peoples faces to get them to see you! It’s time for you to renew your mind! Because really, marketing is just a conversation. It’s you conversing with someone who is interested in you, what you’re doing, and what it is that you have to offer them. Building one-on-one relationships by offering education (FREE VALUE) and communication true to your brand voice.

It’s essentially you putting up little post-it notes all over social media and your website with things that are helpful to them, like little tiny reminders. Helping your audience by presenting them with what you know, how it would help them, and using your newfound relationship with them to show them that you are the next right move.

Be proud of who you are

Self-doubt cripples both introverts and extroverts just the same. Because a bad self-image has nothing to do with how you get your energy, but how you see yourself.

An extrovert with a bad self-doubt might spend all of their time marketing trying to get validation from other people instead of solving their problems. An introvert with with self-doubt might be too busy wallowing in despair to actually think of any solutions.

Either way, my tip remains the same: connect better to yourself. In my course, More than Marketing, I have each photographer dive deep into who they are and teach them to acknowledge how being them affects their business in good ways AND bad! Because being self-aware is what leads to us being able to communicate how we are different to our audience with confidence.

Utilize your Strengths

Marketing isn’t a one-size fits all and educators cannot stop treating it like it is. There are SO MANY WAYS to connect with your clients, some of them are great for introverts and some of them are not.

If you’re not great at face-to-face sales, consider writing or blogging. If writing isn’t your thing but you’re good in front of a camera, consider utilizing videos on your social media, IGTV, or YouTube. Maybe you’re great at listening… use that strength to create a one of a kind client experience and process that helps your clients feel heard.

When we are self aware, we are able to more effectively utilize our strengths in a way that will connect with our audience.

Know Your Limits

This one is absolutely crucial when it comes to marketing tips for introvert photographers. You need to know that you cannot push yourself to keep up with extroverted colleagues or else you WILL get burnt out.

Instead, make a schedule that ensures you have enough downtime in your own day to fill your cup. If you have a full weekend with sessions, schedule the day afterward as isolated alone time.

There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself to grow! Growth definitely has it’s place. But the more you utilize your NATURAL BORN strengths, you can expect:

  • More energy since you won’t constantly be on the brink of reaching your breaking point
  • Less Self-Doubt since you will see how your personality is NOT a flaw but a benefit
  • Better Client Relationships since you are being authentic
  • Better Family Relationships since you won’t be allowing your job to completely drain you
  • More loyal clients since they will have had a better experience by you knowing who you are and being authentic to that.


If you’re an introvert (or an extrovert), know that marketing in a way that feels real and doesn’t leave you feeling empty is totally possible. Check out my More than Marketing course and learn how to utilize your unique strengths to get more clients and grow your business!

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