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50 Instagram Reel Ideas for Photographers

January 27, 2021

If you aren’t already doing instagram reels for your photography business, what are you waiting for? My Instagram account has already grown by hundreds of people since I started using reels around 2 months ago and 4 of them have gone viral. While we don’t know everything about Instagram Reels, we do know that the Instagram algorithm is favoring them!

I talk more about Instagram reels for your photography business on THIS post! But for now, I wanted to give you a list of ideas of things to post!

Instagram reel ideas for photographers

Instagram Reel Ideas

  1. Behind the Scenes at a Session
  2. Share your favorite Client Reviews
  3. Screen Record how to leave a client review
  4. Blog Post Teasers (break down each of your blog posts into sections or teasers about what’s on it)
  5. Posing Tips
  6. Before and After Edits
  7. Packaging Client Gifts
  8. Timelapse of you editing a session
  9. Complex editing techniques like removing an object from the image or a face swap
  10. Reels answering the most frequently asked questions from your audience
  11. What to wear during a photo session.
  12. Share your why
  13. 3-5 Reason of what makes you different
  14. How to download their photos from the gallery
  15. How to safely store their photos
  16. Tutorial on how they inquire or book a session
  17. What to expect- share what they can expect during a session with you
  18. Your top 3 posing prompts
  19. Introduction: your name, where you’re from and what you offer
  20. Your team members- not everyone knows that photographers where a lot of hats, introduce yourself as the accountant, social media manager, photographer, blogger, etc.
  21. Top 3 things that make a location a good one
  22. Show your workspace. Share your favorite tools of the trade. Anything from lenses to stationary.
  23. Cute ways to use photos as home decor
  24. Different products you offer (canvas, matte prints, metal prints, etc.)
  25. Quick Tips! Things like, “3 Things you need for a stress-free photo session!”
  26. Top 3 Mistakes people make when posing and what to do instead!
  27. Your favorites! Don’t share your favorite lenses. Make it something your audience is interested in. If your idea client is new moms, make a reel about your 3 favorite things to make a newborn sleep. If you’re a wedding photographer, make a reel about your 3 favorite things about veils.
  28. Make a reel for sneak peeks instead of a post!
  29. Create a challenge your ideal clients can join in on. So maybe if you’re a ideal client is new moms and you are a mom yourself, you can make a challenge for them to ask their kids these 3 questions or take a picture of their kid every day for one month and make a reel out of it using the same song you used and a certain hashtag!
  30. Your 4 Favorite ways to practice self-care. This is something everyone can use from new moms to seniors to brides!
  31. “That feeling when…” – examples. Your kids finally go to bed. You’re finally done with all your wedding planning. You receive your wedding photos, etc.
  32. Evolution of your business: go back and show how your photography has improved over the years
  33. Share a personal story
  34. Share how you became a photogrpaher
  35. Celebrate your business birthday
  36. Promote a giveaway or a mini session
  37. Your to-do list
  38. Your morning/evening routine
  39. How you celebrate different holidays
  40. Blooper video
  41. 5 favorite local businesses to shop at
  42. Date night ideas (this is something moms and brides could use!)
  43. Share your favorite life hack
  44. Take old stories and recreate them into reels
  45. New Features or Publications you’ve been in
  46. Your year in review or month in review
  47. Collab with a local makeup artist on how to do makeup for family photos
  48. Share 4 perks of being on your email list and then tell them how to go join
  49. Photo session checklist
  50. Play a game of “would you rather” with them
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