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Getting inspired to Write Content

January 5, 2021

Let’s pretend you’ve finally started implementing some of my productivity tips and doing batch days! You sit down on “content day” to write and spend hours writing an okay blog post that you aren’t too excited to share. You end up answering emails and editing photos instead of writing and scheduling your social media posts. If this is you, you are not alone. Getting inspired to write content is more difficult than some might think.

Inspiration doesn’t happen on demand. Creativity doesn’t just occur with the snap of your fingers. You have to work for it! As someone who writes content 2 of my own businesses and is currently writing a book, I get it!

So today, I’m sharing some of my top tips for getting inspired to write content no matter what the occasion.

Getting Inspired to Write Content | Ariel Dilworth Co.


Music has the ability to create an emotional reaction within me. I think it does for a lot of us. Whether it’s a song that was popular during High School that sends me on a trip down memory lane or a worship song we sing at Church, different songs cause different reactions.

So, generally on the morning of a day when I know I need to write, I listen to music. Specifically music that will inspire me. Do I want to write an angry post speaking out against injustice? Or do I want to write an inspiring post for photographers who find themselves about to quit? The goal will affect which music I choose to listen too.


Sometimes if I feel uninspired, I will try to talk to someone. Especially if they are similar to my ideal client. A lot of times in natural conversations people say things that will trigger ideas for us on things we should write.

For example, some of my best content is written AFTER my coaching calls that I do with photographers during my marketing course and my group coaching program. As I listen to photographer’s talk about their pain points. It inspires me to write something to solve their problems.

If I don’t have the opportunity to talk to someone the day I need to write something, I think back to conversations. Perhaps a mom was talking about how she hates her body post kids during her session? Then write an educational piece on what clothes flatter which body shapes. Or write an inspiration piece on why mom’s should get in the photo.


Similar to the concept above, reading books can inspire me to write something. The author will say something I don’t agree with or perhaps they will say something I do agree with but want to process a little bit more or expand on.

If you aren’t reading books that relate to your ideal client do it now. If you are wedding photographer, I highly recommend you regularly read posts from The Knot. Or if you’re a newborn or family photographer, read magazines or blog posts from somewhere like, Parent’s Magazine. If you’re a senior photographer, get on TikTok and watch videos from the younger generation and observe what it is they are struggling with. Use it as inspiration for your writing.


Admittedly, this is part of a long game strategy when it comes to content writing. But it’s true! Nothing will give you more content than life, you just have to pay attention. Whenever things happen in your life, I want you to think: how does this apply to my ideal client?


THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO POST INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES. Please don’t! What this means is to look at inspiration quotes and allow it to inspire you regarding a particular topic. Pinterest is one of my favorite resources for this.

In fact, I have an entire board called “Inspiration for Photographers” exactly for this. Click HERE to check it out!

Current Events

Sometime current events will inspire me to write content, as long as it’s on point with my brand. For example, when we were stuck in lockdown when COVID-19 happened, I wrote a blog about how to work from home with kids. My ideal client is families so this was a topic dealing with one of their current struggles and I knew it would grab their attention.

Take a Break

If it’s time to write and I can’t stop staring a blinking cursor, there is no use in just sitting there. In fact, I’ll be more mad at myself if I didn’t get anything done.

When this happens, change your surrounding. Go on a walk, watch a tv show, exercise, do whatever it takes for you to relax and think about something else. Then, when you get back to your computer, you’ll probably feel way more inspired than before. 

Content Idea Generator

The content idea generator will either give you a good idea that you can gain enough inspiration for writing content from. Or, it will give you so awful that it makes you laugh and allows you to clear your head. So either way, this tool is a win!

Keep a List

I don’t care if it’s on the notes on your phone or on a google document, start a running list of ideas. Some days you will feel inspired, other days you won’t. Use the list of ideas on the days where you feel like you don’t have one creative bone in your body!

Need somewhere to start? Check out this blog post for a list of 20 Blog Ideas or purchase my Content Calendar for Photographers for only $15! This guide is more than a calendar to help you plan, it has my 10 secret formula’s I use to come up with content on a regular basis!

Alrighty friends! Hopefully you feel inspired to write content or at least know where to gather some inspiration from!

happy writing!

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