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You’ll never grow your photography business… if you don’t do this!

March 7, 2020

Wanting to grow your photography business? I get that. I’ve been there. And honestly, I tried storytelling. I posted pictures of myself and called it “personal branding.” I showed up with blogging, on various social media platforms, and did ALL the right things.

But something was still missing. I was lacking something that made my clients go from, “She’s a really great photographer lets see how expensive she is” to “Man… I want her as my photographer WHO CARES how expensive she is.”

Wanna know what it was? Stay tuned….

Why your photography business isn't growing | Marketing tips for photographers with Ariel Dilworth


If you want to grow your photography business then you have to understand psychology. Honestly, understanding humans, how they work, and why is a CRUCIAL part of being a successful marketer.

IF you don’t know how people work and what motivates them then you are going to have a really hard time creating content that is going to motivate them to act, not just inquire.

And today, i’m going to chat specifically about one key psychological motivator… excitement.

why our business needs excitement…

How can we get people to engage with the content we are posting? How do we get them to share it with their friends? How do we get people to refer us without offering them anything in return? How can I get my clients to stop pricing comparing? How can I make them see my value?

All of these are good questions but they are the wrong question. Really, what you’re wanting to know is how YOU can make someone excited about you and your business!

Let me start by asking you this, when’s the last time you were so excited you had to share it with a friend?

how excitement works…

Excitement occurs in our brain but affects our entire body. Sometimes when we are excited our heart beats faster, we get “butterflies” in our stomach, we shake, we feel weak, or our palms get sweaty. That’s because excitement changes our body’s physical functioning.

Our body releases chemicals into the brain that stimulate emotions, then cortical functioning is decreased (a.k.a. our conscious control), and it creates this physical agitation in us that makes us want or NEED to DO something. But science shows that excitement doesn’t just change the way we feel, it also changes how we act. Which is why this is one of my top marketing tips for photographers.

excitement leads to action…

When a potential client feels excited, it creates this perfect condition for marketing to have it’s affect. Why? Because emotions become more powerful and affects someone’s decision-making abilities, good OR bad. And… as the marketers for our photography businesses, this is a GREAT thing. We want people to act, NOT overthink. Quick decision making is important when trying to get someone to say yes to a high dollar item.

Generating excitement…

So, naturally, you’re asking yourself, “how can I create excitement within my potential clients?” Well, scenarios that generate excitement all contain this… strong emotion.

People are excited when it makes them feel something. When something makes us feel something whether its anger or inexplicable joy… we engage with it passionately, intensely and automatically.

People are emotional beings and science has shown us that decision-making is based largely on emotion (NOT reason). Therefore, when I’m writing a piece of content, I ask myself, how do I want my ideal client to FEEL while reading this/after reading this?

Here is an example of an excitement generating post in my own business:

Photos by Ariel & Jacob Tyler Media – BIG REVEAL!

Jacob Tyler Media and I have been teasing for a while that something new… something BIG is happening for 2020! And now It's time we unveil what we've been working on behind the scenes! Stay tuned to the end for a GIVEAWAY!

Posted by Photos by Ariel on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Photographers, if you want to grow your photography business, be where your audience is. But don’t just be there… do it right! And that means not just giving helpful content but giving helpful content that MAKES THEM FEEL SOMETHING.

So, look at what your ideal client is currently engaging with on social media. Not just liking but sharing. Notice what it takes for them to click that “follow” button. Pay attention to what makes them finally purchase something and how long it takes them to make their decision.

Then, focus on making the things YOU are posting more exciting!

Wanna’ learn even MORE psychological amazingness to help you grow your photography business? Make sure you are on the waitlist for my More than Marketing course!

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