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Photographers Guide to Creating Content Fast!

January 20, 2021

When you are a photographer a large portion of your job is going to be creating content for your photography business. When we begin to think about how much it is, it begins to feel overwhelming: Blog posts, Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, TikTok Videos, IGTV, YouTube, Pinterest and E-mail Marketing.

I don’t think you need to be creating content on every single one of those platforms, but creating content is one of the best free marketing strategies out there.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to create new content all the time? In fact, creating content (brainstorming, blogging, and social media posts) for an entire month does not need to take you more than 6 hours total!

I’m going to share with you how to plan an entire month’s worth of content but first, we need to acknowledge something important!

Creating Content Fast for Photography Business

Post Frequency

It’s all about consistency! We’ve all heard this! But consistency doesn’t mean every day! In fact, how often an account should post depends on everything from how many people follow them, their engagement on other posts, and how long they are on the app themselves.

So, I want you conduct an experiment. For two weeks I want you to post often, but not everyday! See what happens! Then, try posting every for two weeks and take note of what you find!

You also want to set out how frequently you want to blog. If you are trying to grow your business at a rapid pace, you really should be blogging once a week at the very least.

Okay, now for the good stuff! Here is how to create a month of content from one really good idea.


Before you create content for your photography business, make sure you know what type of content does really well.

In my Content Planner for Photographers, I share the 6 types of content photographers need to be posting AND my 10 recipes for coming up with topics. But I’ll share one of those recipes with you here:


Your audience has struggles. Some of them are related to photography and some of them are not. Not only are people constantly scouring the internet for answers to their problems. But you want your blog to serve as an amazing resource for people who are already clients and people who are considering you but want to get to know you on a deeper level!

For example, let’s say my ideal client is a working mom with multiple kids. One huge struggle that working moms struggle with is feeling like they are failing at both their job and parenting.

What I will do is write that one idea at the top of a page and then break it down into smaller areas.

Here’s an example of non-photography related content:

break it down content creation image 1

Here’s an example of photography related content:

break it down content creation image 2


Those ideas above are blog ideas. Each one could be easily transformed into a blog. And because i’m solving their problems my clients will be super interested in them!

Then, what I’ll do is take portions of the blog and modify them a bit to make social media posts. So many instead of giving my 10 Favorite Places to Shop for Clothes, i’ll highlight one of my favorite shops and make sure I tag them in my post and stories. Then, direct my reader to the blog to get the rest. Maybe the next day I’ll do an Instagram reel modeling a few outfits that I’ve gotten from that place!

don’t forget

It’s okay to give free information! That is how you build trust, establish yourself as an expert and it will eventually lead to loyal clients. Always be a resource for your ideal client. Let your page be where they go for: education, inspiration and entertainment.

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