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Photographers, YOU NEED A BLOG!

September 7, 2019

Is blogging for photographers really that important? I mean, most of our clients come from social media, right!?!

Hey, I get it! As a fellow full-time photographer, I know that your to-do list is a mile long! I know that the last thing you want to do is spend your time writing a blog post for only 2 people to read! But i’m going to say it, a blog is a necessity for your photo biz! I know you’ve heard it before, and odds are, you’ve tried it! But in 5 minutes or less I’m going to prove to you that it’s time to resurrect that photography blog of yours! And I’m going to show you that you totally have what it takes!

Why Your Photography Business Needs a Blog and How to Get Started | Marketing for Photographers with Ariel Dilworth 

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Reason #1 photographers should blog:


Ever wonder how you can get on that first page of google when people are looking for a photographer? Well, in order for that to happen, you must convince google (and all the other search engines) that your business is important and relevant. So important and relevant enough that google will give you their stamp of approval and recommend you to it’s users. Which means if you want your business to show up when people search for photographers in your area… then you better get on Google’s VIP list.

How do you get on that list?? I”m glad you asked. The answer is SEO which stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO is some behind the scenes stuff that you do to your website, your photos, and your blogs that is very important! Because SEO is how google knows who you are, what you do, if your business is still active, and what people it should send your way! And one of the most effective way to do that is to constantly add new content to our websites which is essentially us being that annoying kid who keeps poking their mom’s shoulder over and over again until she gives us what we want.

By blogging consistently with good content, photos, and basic SEO google will give us what we want (that first page ranking when people are looking for a photographer near our area). Which the whole purpose of having a website is so people can see it right!?!

So even if you have no other reason to blog… blog for this!

Reason #2 photographers should blog:


We all want clients who will stop price comparing right!?

Well, blogging is an excellent way to do that! Consistently writing on our blog allows us to invite potential clients and current clients to go deeper than prices. By blogging regularly, we are able to show up in their lives on a regular basis and give them reasons to choose us.

When I moved my photography business to a whole different state and had to start COMPLETELY over because I didn’t know a single soul… Blogging was my saving grace! It was a great way for me to put out great content for my potential clients that they wanted to read and make my name not just known but my brand loved.

But let’s be real… Did they all become immediate clients? No. But they became a part of my community and I continued to nurture them, earned their trust and respect & then they became not just clients but loyal clients because I didn’t grow a business, I grew a brand! Blogging elevated me as not just THE expert in the eyes of potential clients but also someone who understood them and ultimately someone they could trust.

If you are interested in learning about WHAT to write in order to make this happen? Make sure you check out my “Ultimate Blogging Guide for Photographers” where you get my 10 recipes for coming up with new blog topics, how to do SEO for your blog, what platform to use, 5 things you need to do before you hit publish and AN ENTIRE YEAR OF BLOG POST TOPICS! You can get it here for only $15 when you use this link!

Reason #3 Photographers should blog:


These days, you can’t just be a photographer. You have to offer some kind of unique experience to your clients in order to stand out.

Which is why blogging is one of my favorite ways to market! Hear me out…

You know how with social media we have to re-introduce ourselves every now and then? Our pages are constantly getting new followers who are trying to get a good idea of a brand! But at times, this can be frustrating because it’s like they are walking into the middle of a story!  

But get this… With my blog, I can create a tailor-made experience for each potential client. For example, if they hop on my site and see my  “top 5 blogs” and even ONE of those titles catches their attention. I am able to drastically shape their very first thoughts and feelings about me with this one tactic alone! Plus, there’s no pesky algorithms getting in your way!

Reason #4 Photographers should blog:


Last but not least, blogging for photographers is important because it helps shape our own vision of our businesses.

Coming up with titles forced me to set aside time weekly to look for new ways of thinking!

Discovering new topics allowed me to understand my ideal clients on a deeper level which also allowed me to serve them better.

Fleshing out my topics and organizing them allowed me to create a clear and concise vision for my business.

Watching peoples responses to my posts created empathy in my heart and allowed me to be a more observant and contemplative person.

While blogs are great for externally communicating with our audience, the practice of blogging is much more introspective than people think. It taught me to appreciate small gains and that consistency is key! It taught me to be clear and concise in my communication! And it forced me to be consistent in taking actions that would grow my business.

So hopefully, I’ve shown you that blogging for photographers isn’t obsolete and has AMAZING consequences for your band and your business! But now you’re probably wondering…  how do I get started?

Whether your starting a brand new blog or reviving an old one, the perfect place to start is HERE! By ordering the “Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Photographers” you will EVERYTHING you need to run a successful blog. In this guide, I:

  • give you my 10 recipes for generating new blog content that people WANT to read
  • walk you step by step through writing an introduction that draws your audience in, guide you in writing a body of text that is organized and helpful and a conclusion that leads to action!
  • The 5 types of blog posts photographers need to be writing!
  • Tell you which platform is BEST for blogging.
  • how to do Basic SEO so your blog posts can be found on google.
  • The 5 things that you MUST DO before hitting “publish!”

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